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Guide to each library

There are two prefectural libraries in Saitama Prefecture. Each library collects materials of different fields.
Kumagaya Library: Philosophy, Religion, History, Geography, Social Sciences, Industry & Commerce, Saitama local media(Area & Administration materials), Multilingual materials and 16mm films.
Kuki Library: Science, Technology, Art, Language, Literature, Braille books, Recorded materials for the visually-challenged and Children's books.

Library materials may be checked out and returned to any of the prefecural libraries.

Saitama Prefectural Kumagaya Library

5-6-1 Hakoda, Kumagaya-shi, 360-0014
TEL: 048-523-6291
FAX: 048-523-6468

Directions to the Library

A 20 minute walk from the north exit of Kumagaya station (JR Takasaki line, Chichibu line - 40min. from Omiya station by local train.)
2 minutes from the bus stop (Hello Work Kumagaya mae) by Kokusai Juo bus bound for Kuzuwada, Kumagaya dome or Hakoda shako.

Saitama Prefectural Kuki Library

85-5 Shimohayami, Kuki-shi, 346-8506
TEL: 0480-21-2659
FAX: 0480-21-2791

Directions to the Library

A 20 minute walk from the north exit of Kuki station (JR Utsunomiya line, Tobu Isesaki line - 20min. by the Utsunomiya line from Omiya station)
Shiyakushomae (City hall) bus stop, by intra-city bus

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Saitama Prefectural Kumagaya Library, Section in charge of Foreign Language Materials Tel: 048-523-6291 Fax: 048-523-6468 E-mail: kuma-kaigai@lib.pref.saitama.jp