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Multicultural Library Service & Foreign Language Materials Corner

Saitama prefectural libraries set up The Foreign Language Materials Corner on the 3rd floor of Kumagaya Library in October 2003. We promote multicultural library service (library service primarily for ethnic, linguistic and cultural minorities) in our community.(Last updated: July. 2018)

Service information

Saitama Prefectural Kumagaya Library

5-6-1 Hakoda, Kumagaya-shi, 360-0014
TEL: 048-523-6291
FAX: 048-523-6468

Directions to the Library

A 20 minute walk from the north exit of Kumagaya station (JR Takasaki line, Chichibu line - 40min. from Omiya station by local train.)
2 minutes from the bus stop (Hello Work Kumagaya mae) by Kokusai Juo bus bound for Kuzuwada, Kumagaya dome or Hakoda shako.

Photo of Kumagaya Library

The Foreign Language Materials Corner

 There are about 160,000 foreign residents from 160 different countries living in Saitama Prefecture. The Saitama Prefectural Libraries collect foreign language materials for their better understanding the Japanese way of life and for providing them with information from their various native lands.
 The Kumagaya Library holds about 17,000 books in 35 languages including English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish, etc, 14 newspapers in 4 languages, and 50 magazines in 7 languages. They are shelved in the foreign language materials corner on the 3rd floor of the Kumagaya Library. Our librarians will provide support for you in accessing the required information resources.
 The library aims not only to give visitors access to foreign language materials but to present our community with events and exhibitions to foster cultural exchanges.

Photo of the foreign materials corner no.1 Photo of the foreign materials corner no.2 Photo of the foreign materials corner no.3

Floor map of foreign language materials corner Floor map: click here to enlarge

Foreign language materials


 We are developing our collection of foreign language materials written in English, Chinese, Korean and Portuguese as our priority languages.
 As well as library materials in Japanese, you may search foreign language materials by title, author name, publisher, publication year, etc. at "Web-OPAC" (catalogue)
 "○" in "checked out" box means "on the shelf". "×" means "checked out" or "only in-library use".
 Click on a title you would like to read, it will show the "Detailed information on search result".
 On that page, you may see "Detailed information" and reserve library materials.
 If you check the box "foreign book" on the advanced search page, the system will search materials from foreign books for general users and children and foreign magazines.
 To search Saitama local materials in foreign languages, check the box "Saitama local material".
 We use Romanized data or eliminate accent marks for some of foreign language materials.

How to search for foreign language books

 We wrote some tips to search non-Japanese language books at Web-OPAC (catalogue). Please check " How to search for foreign language books ".

List of books in each language

 Our system can show the list of books in one language if the volume is less than 1000 books.
 Click each name of the following languages, our system will turn the result searched by the language name.
 The result includes children's books and "Saitama" local materials.

 To search books written in English, Simplified Chinese, or Korean, please use "Web-OPAC (catalogue)" and input title, author's name, publication year or/and etc. and press "Search" button.
 In the case the book has been published in Japanese version, we can search by the title in Japanese. When you don't know the original title, it would help you.
 Please feel free to ask which libraries have the book you would like to read, if it has been translated in Japanese, or any question on library materials. → Let's ask a librarian


 Here is the List of the magazines in the Foreign Language Materials Corner.
 Old issues (2 years passed) and the latest issue are in-library use only.


 Here is the List of the journals in the Foreign Language Materials Corner.
 We keep back numbers in 3 years. Please use them in the library.

Information papers from city halls and international associations

 This is the list of information papers from city halls and international associations.
 Please ask about back numbers at the counter on the 3rd floor.

CupolaJapanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, EnglishKawaguchi Citizens Partner Station
Tomo×TomoJapanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, EnglishKawaguchi city Cooperative promotion department symbiosis person in charge of multi cultures
Friendship NewsJapaneseSaitama International Association
Hello FriendsJapaneseFujimino International Cultural Exchange Center
Hello Corner NewsSimplified Chinese, English, Spanish, PortugueseJichishinko-ka, Ageo City
HIFA News LetterJapaneseHidaka International Friendship Association
Information FujiminoJapanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Filipino, English, Spanish, PortugueseFujimino International Cultural Exchange Center
IRUMA COM+COMSimplified Chinese, English, Spanish, PortugueseIruma City, Iruma International Friendship Society
Kokusai Koryu NewsJapaneseIruma International Friendship Society
Kompeito : Kasukabe International Friendship Association NewsJapaneseKasukabe International Friendship Association
Koshigaya MessengerSimplified Chinese, Filipino, EnglishCommunity Activity Support Section, Koshigaya City
KUMAGAYA FRIENDSSimplified Chinese, EnglishPublic Relations Section, Kumagaya City
LinkJapanese, Simplified Chinese, EnglishBi-Culture Kids Kumagaya
MISATO VIEWJapanese, EnglishAssistance for Citizen's Activity Division, Misato City
NIFA dayoriJapaneseNiiza International Friendship Association
PuraraJapanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, English, SpanishSaitama city Association for Global Awareness
Sai no NakamaSimplified Chinese, English, Spanish, PortugueseSaitama International Association
Shake HandsJapanese (Information in Japanese and English)Kumagaya International Friendship Association
SIFA NewsletterJapaneseSayama International Friendship Association
TiFAJapaneseToda International Friendship Association
TIFA NewsletterJapaneseTsurugashima International Friendship Association

"Nihongo wo manabu" Books on Japanese as the second language

 We have books for learners of Japanese language as the second language.
 As of Dec. 2016, there are about 260 books in 15 languages.
 The languages of the main text are English, Chinese(Traditional and Simplified), Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Tagalog, Indonesian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Japanese.
 For more information, look at the page "Books on Japanese as the second language."

Let's ask a librarian

 Please feel free to ask librarians for assistance when you are looking for materials or information.
You may ask us for information for research and study purpose by e-mail, at the reference desk of each prefectural library, or our website: Reference service

Mini exhibition and events

Mini exhibition and New titles

 We have foreign book displays corresponding to seasons, certain topics, and newly arrived books. All books can be checked out.
Please check "Mini exhibition and New titles" . photo 3 of mini exhibition


Here is(are) up-coming and finished events.

Library Guides (PDF) in 7 languages

 We published library guides in the following languages.

Get Adobe Reader The viewing of these PDF files requires the installation of Adobe Reader. Please click the icon "Get Adobe Reader" to download and install the newest free version. The page for download is Japanese.

Statistics of our library holdings for the multicultural service

Book: 18,256(open shelf: about 13,000, closed stacks: about 5,000) books
 including 8,790 in English, 3,769 in Chinese, 1,728 in Korean, 395 in Spanish and 935 in Portuguese.

Journal: 13 titles

Magazine: 45 titles

 as of 31 March 2017

About us: Section for foreign language materials

 As part of the internal reorganization of the prefectural libraries in the fiscal year 2003, the Saitama Prefectural Libraries have established a section for foreign language materials in the Kumagaya Library. We have 2 basic policies: to promote multicultural library services to multicultural populations in Saitama and to provide local residents with opportunities for international cultural exchanges.

Volunteer translators

 Thank you for considering volunteering opportunities at Saitama Prefectural Libraries. We are working with volunteer translators in 5 languages (Chinese, Korean, English, Spanish, and Portuguese) in the fiscal year 2017. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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